Hey hey hey.  Kristin and Katie here, sisters from the same mister, ready to share our Dallas adventures with you (you lucky jackwagon).  Follow along as we tell you about our adventures through restaurants, bars, fitness classes, really any Dallas activity, and other miscellaneous ways we to *try* to look less ragged all the time.  Basically, Dallas is our Narnia and these are our chronicles.  If you find it helpful, cool. That is our goal.  Fun fact: we’re super goal oriented.

So what kind of blog is this? It’s mostly a Dallas-guide blog that we find funny. We chronicle our experiences going out and staying in and tell you what we think of the places we go and things we do. We’ll also sprinkle in some bonus “pro tips” because we want to. Also also expect lots of dog pictures. We love dogs. 

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations, we’d love to hear from you.  Between the two of us we’ll try almost anything once. Often twice (i.e. spa located next to a bowling alley. 10/10 do not recommend). This is in large part to do us fine-tuning the art of knocking down one-another’s building blocks of good reason. The result are… well, they’re hit or miss. Can’t stop, probably should stop?

The silver lining of course is that we can give great-ish advice (it’s all relative) on things to and things to definitely not to do. For example, we strongly encourage adopting anything while drunk. A highway. A rain forest. A child. A dog. An Aussie accent. Just say yes.

In sum, we’re pretty much always having a good time and we want to share ideas on how to y’all can do that too.

Hope you enjoy our blog.