Compromise: chill outside Louie’s like it’s a club.

If money can’t buy happiness, explain pizza. *Mic drop.*

*Pick the mic back up, we still need it.*

Like any breathing human, pizza is one of our favorite go-to meals and according to the food pyramid that is a-okay for our dietary needs. As such (yeah, we say things like “as such”), we decided telling y’all about one of our favorite pizza spots is a great place to start our adventures together. Also, the laws of Dallas require our first pizza post to be about Louie’s. It’s science.

Really though, when we first moved to Dallas and began eating our way through the city, everyone we met told us to go to Louie’s immediately.
Word on the street was that Louie’s has the best thin-crust pizza in Dallas. Via our stellar deductive reasoning skills we’ve realized that is because it does. It is so good that we have legit had several dreams about Louie’s pizza which is exactly as odd as it sounds. We’re both still pretty shook about it. Probably going to go comfort-eat some Louie’s pizza later to cope.

Now let’s focus on what really matters here: Louie’s is not a strip club. But, driving by Louie’s during the day, we assumed it was a strip club. Maybe it serves martinis or the owner just got a screamin’ deal on a light up martini sign? Maybe it’s closed?  Maybe it was never open? Nope. None of the above. Oh we were such naive little jack-wagons.

As you’ve probably already determined, Louie’s is a fire hole-in-the-wall dive bar and food joint. It has plenty of TVs to watch the game (not sure why they won’t put on some Marie Kondo – rude) that is packed every single day of the week.

You walk in and after a very short hallway with sketches of famous Dallas patrons (we’ve brought in sketches of ourselves on multiple times now and they’re still not up. WTF?), you are quickly greeted by a woman who was born to be a Louie’s hostess. She knows what’s up. She takes you to your table. Within moments, your waiter is there to take your drink and food order. You’ll want to be ready to order ASAP because the service is FAST.** Pro tip: look up the menu online before you get there. The staff is super attentive, makes sure you have what you need, and *most importantly* will warn you when you over-order. Note that we throw caution to the wind 100% of the time, over-ordered anyway, and take solace in our trusty stretchy pants.

**Also note that when you take your friends here for the first time and brag profusely about the service, you will wait 5-10 minutes for some water and watch half of Dallas come-in to grab their to-go orders before you even see the wait staff. Jk. Only we have this kind of luck/maybe we hit the close-elevator button on a co-worker earlier in the day and really had this kind of karma coming out way. Whatever. Louie’s pizza is worth waiting for.

Pizza is our love language.

So when you go, which you should (duh), obviously order at least one pizza and then a salad, because balance. The pizza has cracker thin crust and there are tons of toppings to choose from. We like onions, black olives, and sausage (poorly pictured above – we tried?). No matter what you pick, the crust-to-sauce-to-topping ratio is always spot on. The salads are very bare-bones, but they also do the trick. As for their other menu items – because oh yeah it is not just a pizza joint, oops – we’ve had a bite of almost everything. Pro-tip: develop a very socially acceptable habit of eating of other people’s food and you’ll get to try more food too. Ergo, we recommend the clams casino, the “don”, the burger, and the lamb chops. But really, get the pizza.

Too long didn’t read? Here’s the skinny…

 D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: Pizza.
  • Drinks: Get a dirty martini to match the sign.
  • Dog Friendly: If you order take out and eat at home.
  • Deals: Make a deal with yourself to add this to the rotation.