Save us Sancho.
Petition for it to be patio season already.

Named after the “cult” of people obsessed with their tacos, we’ll happily drink this kool-aid – especially if it tastes like their margaritas (we’ll get there shortly). These tacos are tasty. You walk in and there is a sign that says, “another day another taco,” but like, STFU, a Taco Heads taco is not “just another taco.” These recipes are fire. Our favorite – because obviously we ordered one of everything – was the Al Pastor (with pineapple, onion, cilantro, red cabbage, red sauce, and queso fresco) because it was the perfect punch of sweet, spicy, and savory.  We also fought over who got to finish the Gulf Shrimp, Carnitas, Casitillo Chicken, and Wild Caught Fish tacos.  We should really know by now we need to order two of everything when tacos are involved. 

Look at that beautiful taco footage.

That said, neither of us was a huge fan of the Crispy Beef taco.  It was very reminiscent of a sub-par hamburger in a mediocre crispy taco shell. We ate it anyway, but that has more to do with our lack of will power to not eat everything in front of us than the tastiness of this particular taco. 

Only other con: the service here is pretty slow. Maybe they’re just taking extra time to make sure everything is extra delicious. Still, we’re never super excited to wait what seems like a lifetime for, well anything.

Back to the good stuff: half the menu is a drink menu. Fucking genius. This is our kind of place. They make a creative and delicious Mexican Mule. We also love the Paloma. On the margarita list (obviously there’s a whole list), our favorites are the cucumber and jalapeño. The jalapeño margarita being the show-stopper of the whole drink menu. The only downside to the drink situation here is that all the drinks come in uninspiring blue retro cups. While we appreciate the retro-vibe of the restaurant generally, we kinda think they could have made a better glassware selection.

But so that retro vibe. They’ve done a great job of paying homage to the 50s while still keeping it modern and hip. We’re talking mint green and pastel pink accents, vinyl chairs, clever neon signs, and lawn-furniture inspired couches. The patio has classic picnic tables, more insta-worthy signs, and a food truck that may or may not still be in service. We didn’t ask. We were eating tacos.   

Final notes: the playlist they’ve got going on is fire. Think American Psycho and Forest Gump sound tracks. You’ll be shimmying those shoulders, shoving tacos in your face, and washing it all down with margaritas like this is who you were meant to be. Probably don’t bring a first date here. You won’t look cute. Do bring that overzealous guy you met once who keeps sliding into your DMs here. After watching you eat these tacos, we think he’ll leave you alone.*

*Results may vary.

D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: So glad we don’t have to go to Jonestown for these tacos.  
  • Drinks: Half the menu bitchachos.
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes. Especially friendly to dogs with little sombreros.
  • Deals: Tacos for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Don’t be greedy.
Shoot for the stars. Even if you miss, remember only Earth has tacos.