Now that you’ve had yet another lonely Valentine’s Day spent cuddling your dog, feeling no remorse for knocking over Karen from accounting’s obnoxious flower display from her cheating husband, ordering enough Uber Eats for 3, and re-watching the Jersey Shore re-runs you will never delete off your DVR, time to head over to Magnolias: Sous Le Pont to meet your soul mate. Because… yeah.

The moment you walk up to Magnolia’s prepare to be completely charmed. Probably because this place is so completely charming. The teal front facade is straight outta a Hallmark Channel rom-com and inside is obviously where the protagonist of that movie and her future love-interest both hide from the rain.  They end up sharing the only available open table and *spoiler alert* fall in love.  Yes, we aspire to be Hallmark Channel movie writers. We think everyone would be totally fine with lots of gratuitous cameos by Uncle Jessie from Full House.

But actually it’s not that hard to get a table Magnolia’s, so you may have to meet your future love-interest some other way. Maybe spill some room-temperature coffee on them and/or head over to Another option: ask if they know the WiFi password. Lots of people come here to look very busy on their lap tops. Oh! You and your future-forever can be busy on lap tops, make coy eye contact with one another, spend three to seven years in an adorable love-montage, and then get married. You’re welcome.

ANYHOW, but actually still on the topic of love, the things to love about Magnolias are endless. They serve a full-menu of café drinks, hot and cold. We are partial to an almond milk chai and/or matcha. The pastry selection is also so fresh and so delicious.  We always get a croissant because this just looks like a place where you should eat a croissant. They also have sandwiches, fresh fruit, and salads to go.    

Almond milk chai to spill on your crush.

Adding to the marvel of this place is the free WiFi (but pretend you don’t know that to strike up a super awkward convo) and parking garage next door. That’s right, somewhere in Dallas actually has parking. It’s wild.

Inside has a hip but vintage décor. It’s like the Dallas 2019 response to Central Perk. You are going to want to stay here all day.  Bring your laptop – and not just for coy eye contact purposes. Magnolia’s is a perfect place to get work done when the office and/or library is tap dancing all over your heart and vomiting in the wounds. Also, you can bring your dog to the patio, so again… yeah.   

Of note, Magnolias advertises that it hosts free events each month “for the chance to connect, create, and collaborate.” Sounds like a lot of “Live, Love, Laugh” bullshit, but this place is so dang cute we’ll likely try one of these events anyway. 

Wear comfy-cute attire here to help get your creative juices flowing.  Also, per the Hallmark Channel and statistically speaking, comfy/cute attire is the best attire for meeting the future love of your life – should you find yourself sharing a table with him or her on a rainy day at Magnolias.

D-List Determination:

  • Dining: Croissants.
  • Drinks: Spill one on a cute patron to spark up conversation.
  • Dog-Friendly: Patio with heaters equals two dog emojis.
  • Deals: Opportunity to meet the love of your life.
  • Dress: Comfy casual.