That’s a strong yes.

There is no amount of sleep or make-up that will ever make us as pretty as El Bolero’s third and newest location on Fitzhugh Ave. This elevated-Mexican restaurant/bar is fetching. Like, Instagram was created for places like this. The moment you walk up you are greeted by the cutest blue and white tile walkway that splits the grass and concrete patio in two. Café lights dangle overhead and huge TVs promise we will be here often to watch well, really anything. 

*Petition to get El Bolero to play the Princes Bride on repeat.*

*Okay, that’s probably not going to happen.*

Have sweeter words ever been spoken?

We just want to be here all the time, it’s so pretty. Inside, the tile walkway outside becomes the flooring for the whole first floor. The décor is color saturated everything. Cactus wall paper, yellow bar stools, purple velvet window seats, and carefully selected wood accents. Sounds crazy (like your mom – burn), but it works. It really works. 

Upstairs is an equally stunning bar/lounge that overlooks Fitzhugh Ave. We haven’t had a drink up there yet, but we’re definitely ambitious enough to make that happen. Stay tuned.

Insert awe face emoji.

Does the food live up to the décor? Honestly, if it didn’t, we’d come here anyway. We’re exactly that shallow. Fortunately for our shallow but also hungry-selves, the food at El Bolero is somehow even better than the super-fun décor. Right when you sit down you get warm chips (yeah, warm chips) and a duo of salsas that will re-affirm your faith in mankind. We’re pretty sure we just heard choir music. The green salsa is seriously everything. Pretend it’s way too spicy so you don’t have to share. 

Next, order a skinny margarita to go with your chips and salsa because obviously that will make you skinny and you will need to balance out the 4 baskets of chips you will personally consume. Actually, order any of the margaritas. We’ve tried (and finished) the entire margarita menu (yes, in one seating – we’re just that committed to providing helpful reviews), and can vouch for each and every one on the list. These may be the best margaritas in town.  Full disclosure: things got fuzzy towards the end.

While we were still remembering to take pictures.

So the food – we got a bit side tracked above – it’s good. Really really good. There are so many slammin options here we don’t know where to start. The menu changes depending on the time of day and *fun fact* this place is open almost all the time, including: early morning breakfast M-F, late-night Friday and Saturday, and weekend brunch. So far, we’ve eaten here for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and we want to eat here everyday for the rest of our lives. Favorite menu items to-date include the Pazole, Tacos con Chorizo, Barbacoa Street Tacos, Mahi Mahi Tacos (we order a lot of tacos), and Chicken Enchiladas. In sum, we don’t know what kind of sorcery is occurring in that kitchen, but we’ll subscribe to that school of magic any day.     

Bonus thought: what do you wear here? Black. Or anything else insta-worthy, but don’t expect to be nearly as insta-worthy as the restaurant itself. Alternatively, if you show up at an off-time and want to sit in a corner and drink all the margaritas on the menu in a single sitting – stretchy pants and dirty hair are fine. 

D-List Determination:

  • Dining: Even better than the décor.
  • Drinks: All the margaritas.
  • Dog-Friendly: Not sure why else they’d make the patio so cute.  
  • Deals: HH M-F 4pm – 6pm. $2 taco Tuesday all-day. Lobster Friday – $15 lobster Fajitas, Friday 11am – 2pm.