Sky’s out thighs out.

Wine is life. Want to know on of the best places to drink wine? LeeLa’s, obvi.

We keep coming here again and again because the decor is just so on-point and sophisticated that we think being here will make us on-point and sophisticated too. You walk in and the white brick walls, marble table tops, wood accents, and bistro style chairs have you convinced your life is as together as whoever handled the interior design of this place. In other words, you want to look cute when you come here. Time to break out that new velour jumpsuit and rock clean-enough-looking hair. Jk, this is a bonafide over the knee boot establishment.

You can drink wine while sitting in literally any of these chairs. It’s so rad.

Once you stroll on up to this hip af local, sit at the bar or one of their tables, inside or out (it’s seat yourself), and start looking through the menu. You’ll have plenty of time to decide what you want because the staff happily gives you your space – we like to pretend this is very European. Maybe it’s all part of the plan to make you feel extra sophisticated? Like one of those fancy people on the television? All the same, once you do order, you can’t go wrong. The menu consists of 35 wines on tap that you can order by the glass, half or full carafe. They also have wines by the bottle, wine and champagne flutes, and killer rotating cocktails (our current go-to is the TX Seventy Five). 

Because this is a wine bar, the staff knows what’s up when it comes to wine. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations. We are fans of full-bodied and blended reds and on that instruction alone we’ve been served some of the most bodacious wines from all around the world by LeeLa’s knowledgeable staff.  *Petition to bring “bodacious” back into everyday vernacular.*

You can drink wine while sitting in literally any of these chairs also. It’s also so rad.

On-par with their wine and cocktail selection, is the small bites menu. This is important to us because we are emotionally incapable of not eating while we drink. The hummus plate is our go-to. It comes with a colorful array of veggies – wtf is a watermelon radish and why is it so good with hummus? – and perfect little bite size pita breads. Maybe the pita breads are two bites. It depends on how hard you’re trying.  Other great favorites are the cheese tray (don’t expect the staff to know what kind of cheese you’re getting, but trust us it’s all delicious), the meat and cheese tray (same), the butternut squash ravioli, and the tuna tartare. In sum, LeeLa’s is on our list of go-to places primarily for the atmosphere, drinks, and food. It’s a bamf pre-dinner spot or after work hangout when you want to feel urbane AF. So throw on those over the knee boots and go look super chic sipping wine at LeeLa’s.

BONUS: LeeLa’s started serving a brunch! You sweet majestic little jackwagons HAVE to put this on your list!! The Nutella Waffle, Avocado Toast, and brunch cocktails will align your chakras better than a whimsical desert healer in the Sedona mountains.

D-List’s Determination:

  • Dining: Fuck yes.
  • Drinks: One of the few places that can get a wine emoji, cocktail emoji and a smiley face.
  • Dog Friendly: Only if they don’t shed on you OTK boots.
  • Deals:  Happy Hour every weekday!
You can’t sit with us.