Stock photo because we never remember to take pictures of our margs.

What up, you lime-lickers? Lookin for some slammin deals on National Margarita Day?  We got you. Below is a list of stellar places to get festively trashed off of sweet lime juice expertly blended with top and/or bottom shelf tequila.  Whether you’re a frozen or on the rocks kinda human, these bangin Dallas establishments have you covered.

Taco Heads: $5 Margaritas ALL DAY.  If that alone doesn’t get you leaving work early to go embrace some tequila magic, check out our blog post about our heart-felt feelings on Taco Heads and why we love it so much.

El Bolero: $5 House Margaritas ALL DAY. Sensing a trend here and it’s definitely our favorite trend since the re-emergence of the velour jumpsuit trend in 2019. Again, go read our blog post on why we’re trying to convince the post office to just send our mail to El Bolero already.

Mutts Canine Cantina:  $3 Lunazul Tequila Barkaritas ALL NIGHT! 
Barkaritas. Get it? Seriously, we order these all summer long because the only thing better than sippin margaritas is sippin margarita’s while watching Sunshine, Slinky, and Megatron sniff asses.

Wild Salsa: This slammin establishment is not fucking around and has decided to celebrate “Margarita Madness” aka an ode to National Margarita Day ALL WEEK. Because no good holiday is just a day – here’s lookin at you every birthday we’ve ever had. Enjoy Wild Salsa’s Rita de Casa all week long for $3 at 3 PM 💃🏻. $4 at 4 PM 🥑. $5 at 5-7 PM🌶 .

El Fenix: $1 Margaritas. Looks like it’s gonna be a slow night for low end Dallas strippers.

Jose on Lovers: They haven’t yet disclosed what their deals are, but they have promised drink specials all weekend. We likes promises, drinks, and feeling special, so count us in.

Ojos Locos: $2 Margaritas. Advertised as the perfect spot for “all day deportes with home games for Latinos & away games for the Gringos,” based on the website we think it’s like a Latin-American Hooters and we’re not upset about it.

The Rustic: Treat yo self to a pour from the largest margarita glass in town — a near five-foot tall, Giant Rocks Margarita glass full of The Rustic’s classic Don Julio Margarita — made with Don Julio Tequila, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice.  Party runs from 5-11pm; live music goes up at 9:30pm. Don Julio DJ truck spinning live music on site from 5-8pm.

Milpa: This restaurant is down to party. They’ll be debuting an updated 100 Margarita Menu, hosting giveaways (fuck yeah, free stuff), serving tons of food and frink specials, and all to the jammin beats of DJ LiTEBRiTE.  

Blue Goose Cantinas:  $4 House Margarita all day — 11am-10pm. We haven’t gone here or tired their margarita’s yet, so we can’t vouch for the Blue Goose yet, but apparently the owners bought the chairs for the place while on business trip through Central America in 1984 and that’s more than enough information to put this towards the top of our list of places to try.

Happiest Hour: $6 House Margaritas (Frozen or Rocks) & more. Since the beach isn’t an option today, at least you can get some kickin city vista’s whole you pound margs at The Happiest Hours.

Margarita Mile: Not a restaurant or a deal, but we don’t really care because this is so cool. Margarita Mile is a Dallas-based app dedicated entirely to “the best and brightest margaritas in the city.” That’s right, you down load this Jimmy Buffet dream machine onto your cellular devise and BAM, the best Dallas margs are at your fingertips. What a time to be alive.

On The Border – $5 fancy 1800 Gran ‘Rita made with premium 1800 Silver Tequila. For an extra $0.99 they’ll add a shot of Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, Dekuyper Sour Apple, or Well Gold Tequila. We’re not ashamed to admit we hit up OTB for their margs anytime we see one in an airport.

BONUS FUN FACT: Did you know Dallas is the Official Home to the Frozen Margarita? So now you’re culturally obligated to go grab one today – or everyday. It’s what our founding Dallas-onians would have wanted!