Trying to look as good as this menu.

What up, taco ticklers?  If you love tacos, we love you, and you love Velvet Taco.  Let’s not pretend you haven’t been here already. Every one’s been here already.  And that’s honestly our favorite part about Velvet Taco – literally everyone goes here. Business dude lookin sharp af in his totally unnecessary 3-piece suit? He’s at Velvet Taco.  Over-pierced hipster unintentionally ironically 10 years late to the over-pierced hipster scene?  He’s at Velvet Taco.  Sorority girl who spent 3 hours to look like she “just woke up like this”?  Yep, also at Velvet Taco.  So what’s the mystery behind this unabashedly slammin people-watching haven?  The tacos, duh.

Legit, we would bathe in these tacos if that wasn’t both logistically and literally not a very good idea. Thinking about it, bathing in tacos sounds truly terrible.  Eating tacos, however, brilliant idea.  10/10 do recommend. Especially if they’re Velvet Taco.  The menu here is fire.  We’re taking Spicy Tikka Chicken, Cuban Pig, Grilled Flank Steak, Ahi Poke, Chicken & Waffle, Monte Cristo, just to name a few.  Super unique flavors for super unique and special you.  You’re a shining star and you deserve these tacos.

Of note, because we try to be super helpful, Velvet Taco is a counter-order and seat yourself kind of a place. The menu is on the wall. So look at that wall if you want to know what’s on the menu.  Stroll on up to the counter, order whatever special taco they’re offering that day – changes all the time and is always 100 – and then order all the other tacos your sweet little heart desires.  If you’re feeling ambitious, treat yo self to some red velvet cake too.  They’ll ask your name which they will shout out over some questionable speakers when your order is done.  If you have an unreasonably basic name – let’s say Katie or Kristin – probably come up with something more inspiring and/or that you’ll actually hear over the eclectic crowd and 20 year old speakers.  Suggestions:  Brumhilda; Afgent One; Paula; Adventure Cat; Estella; Special-Star; Lil Tacito; Jessica Rabbit; Bad Bad Leroy Brown.

Next step: grab a seat.  Probably do this right after you order.  Seat-finding can be a bit of a challenge, but you’re not a quitter and we believe in the power of you.  It’s family-style seating, so really you can sit where ever.  Assume anyone who sits next to you is your family and that you can share their tacos.  Please let us know how this goes and/or tell us in advance so we can boomerang the encounter.   We’re down for this anytime of day.

The original/best location – but there are 8 more lovely locations we also love.

Fun fact: we’re also down for Velvet Taco anytime of day.  Not only because we love the tacos, but also because like the array of patrons who frequent this place, Velvet Taco has an array of its own faces depending on the time of day.  Early morning it’s a casual little taco spot with a low-key vibe and a patio with the sun hitting it just right. By the early afternoon through early evening, it’s more of a fine-tuned machine pumping out tacos for all of Dallas.  Later in the night to late night, it’s basically the colosseum gladiator pit of tacos.  The line is huge, the crowd is trashed, and you’ve got a frattastic post-it note heir offering you $100 and the cost of your taco order to let him cut in line.  Saying no to this offer and watching the tantrum that ensues is 100% worth it.  10/10 do recommend. You’ll probably want to facetime your dad immediately to tell him about it.

Moral of the story, Velvet Taco is a slammin place to get some slammin tacos and embrace some slammin people watching.  Insert ten fire emojis.    

D-List’s Determination:

  • Dining: Tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner & late night. 7. Days. A week.
  • Drinks: Fridge beers and kickin’ margaritas.
  • Dog friendly: Two dog emojis because – patios. But your dog will judge you if it accompanies you here at 3 a.m. after a night at the Whip.
  • Deals: Say it with us again. Tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner & late night. 7. Days. A week.
Channeling our fave inner Hunger Game judges.