Traditional celebration.

Name one thing you can’t do in a velour jumpsuit? Exactly, there’s no such thing.  Casual morning stroll? The velour jumpsuit was created for this.  First date sharing a pound of Nachos and a bottle of wine at someplace super-classy? Same.  Practicing high-kicks in the streets of Deep Ellum?  You get the idea.  If there is some activity you can’t wear your velour jumpsuit to, do you even really want to go?  Can we get a ef no?

If you said ‘swimming’ get off the bus. You can’t sit with us.

Let’s get real. Brittney picked this ultra-versatile piece before she walked down the aisle to marry K-Feds and if that’s not the greatest endorsement for a stunning ensemble, we don’t know what is. It’s both cozy and sophisticated; screams ‘I’m here to achieve but in a responsibly comfortable manner;’ and it’s like wearing a plush towel all over your bangin bod.  So back-track on that swimming statement above.  No need for a towel when you can straight-up wear the towel.  The heavens were clearly smiling upon us when the velour jumpsuit was created.  Why these ever went out of style, historians will debate for centuries.  2003 knew what was up and it’s time for 2019 and forever to give this glorious velour get-up the full recognition it deserves. *Slow clap* – next scene.

Here to achieve.

So what better way to celebrate the pure unadulterated fashion ingenuity of the velour jumpsuit than getting a national-day declared in its honor.  We’re talking parades, speeches, kissing babies, champagne poppin, velour-themed backyard barbeques, the whole nine.  Go big or go home or go anywhere you feel like – as long as it’s in a velour jumpsuit. It’s National Velour Jumpsuit Day after all.

Now how to we make this a for-real official National Day?  We *shockingly* looked into it and the secret is you.  We’ve got to show that we are not alone in thinking the velour jumpsuit is worth celebrating and have the National-Day folks understand and appreciate the history and glory behind the celebration. You little jack-wagons have the chance to be that history and show off that glory.  If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re already participating in our Instagram National Velour Jumpsuit Day campaign.  All you have to do is post a photo of you in your fave velour jumpsuit (full post or story, both work!), tag us (@thedlistofdallas), and use the hashtag #NationalVelourJumpsuitDay.  We will re-post to our stories every velour photo we’re tagged in – whoa.

Responsible posing.

Think, in just a few short years you can be brunching with your best babes all flaunting your latest velour fashion and after you do a *super casual* hair toss, you can remind them how you were a founding participant of the greatest national day of all national days: National Velour Jumpsuit Day.  Stay cozy, our friends.