Waiting for this place to open last year was torture.  The patio looked cool, the front looked cool, the name was cool. As individuals who consider ourselves *very* cool, we knew we had to be there. Fast forward a few months and omfg, you guessed it, this place *is* cool. Starting with the patio, you can order drinks from the side garage door-like window-thing off the bar (wtf do you call those things – they’re all over Dallas and we have no idea), then pop down at a table and start getting blitzed with your dog. * Servers will also come by if you’re too cool for bar-side ordering, you boujee donkey you.

 *Note, please don’t give your dog any booze. Please do have long tear-jerking conversations with your dog wherein you express your undying gratitude for their loyalty and undying affection despite your jack-wagon-like ways. 

If you don’t bring your dog to Laurel Tavern: (a) you’re a horrible human; and (b) you can go inside. This may actually be a good reason to leave the Akita at home. Inside is a dimly-lit, cool-vibe tavern. *Can’t stop/won’t stop using the word cool.* Right when you walk in, the front is all high tops and to the right is a beautifully constructed bar with a very knowledgeable bartending staff.  The back has normal-height tables you can claim as your own or share with some strangers. Take the latter approach only if the strangers are sexy AF and wedding-ring free.  

Now that you’ve claimed your seat, dive into that cool menu. When Laurel Tavern first opened you had to order at the bar. They’ve shifted that practice and now the servers come to you. Insert high-five emoji. What do you want to order?  I’m sure this will shock you, but we definitely recommend one of their signature cocktails. We get the pineapple margarita thing (can’t recall the name, but you’ll figure it out) every time and have no plans on ending that practice anytime soon. For food, our favorites are the Tavern Burger, the Hickory Burger, the Brussels Sprouts, the Kale Caesar, and the Parmesan Fries. We haven’t gone for brunch yet, but it’s crazy high on the to-do list. **Somewhere before wash-hair, but after search for perfect Olsen-twin gif to send in response to long thoughtful texts from our moms. **

While you wait for your food, challenge your dinner mates to a lively game of checkers or Connect Four. Laurel Tavern keeps board games at most of their tables and nothing says meal-time like some cut-throat competition.  So stretch those shoulders and annihilate the competition. Pretend you’re a gracious winner (losers don’t read this blog) but then make sure to flaunt your victory for the rest of the night. 

Bonus tip: This place is festive AF.  They decorate for every holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Flag Day, ect.), the staff dresses up too, and the crowd knows how to have a good time.    

D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: Eat your meal quickly so you can eat everyone else’s meal or just their fries too.
  • Drinks: Cheers, bitches.
  • Dog-Friendly:  We just like love our dogs so  *ugly cry face* much.
  • Deals: Happy Hour: Tuesday – Thursday 5pm-7pm; Friday – Sunday 4pm-6pm. $5 draft beers and cocktails. $6 wines. $4 – $9 appetizers.