Sit tight for a strong lesson on donuts and the step-and-repeat.

Not even your stretchy pants can save you here. Milk Cream serves one thing and one thing only: warm donuts filled with one of 16 flavors of ice cream and covered in the topping of your choice.

*They actually serve other things here but we are way to distracted by the step and repeat (pictured above) and warm donuts with ice cream.*

So back to our initial premise: Warm donuts. Filled with one of 16 flavors of ice cream. Covered in the topping of your choice. It is a perfect combination of temperatures, textures, and flavors. Whoever thought of this concept is both terrible and wonderful.  Like, did we really need to add ice cream filled donuts to our diet? Yes, yes we did.   

And these aren’t just any donuts filled with any ice cream. These donuts are glazed puffs of deep-fried heaven that are heated to absolute perfection. The temperature is key because then these bad boys get filled with sweet majestic churned dairy bliss designed to make little baby angels sing sonnets. You definitely want in on this.

How do you get your hands on one of these bad boys? Milk Cream has a very straight-forward assembly-line set up. You pick your donut (glazed or plain), ice cream flavor, and topping. The whimsical humans behind the counter put it all together and, ta-da, you pick it up.

There is a counter with bar stools where you can sit (unless there are two sisters dressed in black using them as props) and enjoy your unicorn of a treat. Alternatively, if the counter is full, post-up in the parking lot or in your car, because we assure you your warm ice cream filled donut is not making it home. Grab napkins. Lots of napkins.

Now lets wander on back to that step and repeat. For those of you who aren’t familiar – leave. Leave now. JK, let us help you. A step and repeat is a backdrop with a repeating logo/picture that one stands in front of to take slammin photos like you’re a d-list celebrity at a dueling piano concert. #goals. So really, we have never met a step and repeat we don’t love – and we’re pretty sure they all love us back too. Duh. So when the stars align and we can get donuts, ice cream, and a slammin step and repeat photo sesh in – step aside because we are moving in. This is what d-list dreams are made of.

If you ever manage to peel yourself away from the step and repeat, you’re going to love how *Dallas* the rest of the place looks. There is an amazing mural of the Dallas skyline, lots of white tile, an adorable menu painted on the wall and oh yes, a step and repeat.

**One catch worth noting: it is surprisingly difficult to get an adequate number of photos (give or take 30 dozen) before your warm donut melts your ice cream and your insta-husband/brother-in-law chooses his donut over your Instagram dreams. *Challenge accepted. We crushed it.*

Pro tip: place your order and begin your photo shoot before your donut ice cream bliss is ready. This gives you a brief moment to plan some slammin poses. Get wild. Incorporate props (i.e. bar stools). Test the limits of your stretchy pants. Lunges, high kicks, squats. You got this.

D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: Your recommended daily calorie intake… for like a week, but who’s counting?
  • Drinks: That would be so dangerous.
  • Dog-Friendly: Nah, not sharing this majestic treat with anyone, not even our dogs.
  • Deals: Diabetes.