Ready for some noods.

Waiting too long to try Wabi House may be the only time *ever* that procrastination was a bad idea. We wanted to try it for oh so long, but there was always a 45+ minute wait (or longer on rainy or cloudy nights when you want ramen the most) and well, we hate waiting (and never remember to make reservations – yes, they take reservations) so we took our talents elsewhere.  In other words, we waited to try Wabi House because we didn’t want to wait for Wabi House. Geniuses, we know.

Impatient, but determined, our strategy became to visit this clearly-popular ramen house on a weekday for lunch. This ended up being the greatest idea ever since putting noodles in sumptuous spicy broth. Turns out all their ramen bowls are $8 during lunch Monday – Friday, with the exception of one of their bowls, which you can only get during dinner anyway (challenge accepted). They also have a very strong small plate menu that includes a few sushi rolls, some tempura options, bone marrow, and edamame to name a few. We love this because nothing gets us more excited about eating than eating. 

Turning to the ramen bowls, we’ve tried them all (including the elusive dinner ramen) and recommend them all. Seriously, you can’t go wrong. The spicy miso is hands down our favorite – we’ve taken to ordering it every time – but the dry garlic and veggie are also soooo good. As soon as you finish your ramen you’ll be pulling out your calendar to decide when it is okay to come back to get more ramen.

Of note, getting a seat here is not actually as impossible as we’d initially assumed. Like most places in Lowest Greenville, they always over-estimate how long the wait is and then you get pleasantly surprised. So, if they say it’s a 45 minute wait, this can often mean closer to 15.     

The reason for the shorter than expected wait times is probably the lightning-fast food service. You order almost immediately and then your food is there moments later. The down side to this is sometimes your drink doesn’t show up when you need it (i.e. the second you sit down – it’s been a long week/Monday/same difference), but hey, you’re busy pouring ramen broth down your throat anyway.

Another way to cut the wait time (and get your drink quicker) is to sit at the bar or on the patio – both of which are seat yourself.  Also, you can absolutely bring your pup to the patio – win/win. If you sit inside expect to feel a little too cold at first, but it’s like that for an obvious reason. They are brewing up piping hot ramen in the back. You’ll warm up quickly. Solution (to the cold temp and this week generally): dress in layers; eat more ramen.       

D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: Bowls of noodles swimming in a delicious broth, what more do you need?
  • Drinks: We’re sure they’ll show up eventually.  
  • Dog-Friendly: We give it two dog emojis.
  • Deals: $8 lunch ramen bowls.