You feel that?  Us too. It’s the insatiable desire to eat pancakes all the damn time.  There’s just something about those flattened cylindrical charmers that brings a light to our eyes and *tears up* they’re just so beautiful.  Fluffy, fulfilling, fanciful. Pancakes have it all.  Or, at least now they do. We’re talking Kodiak Cakes.  The best invention since regular pancakes but exactly 47 times better because Kodiak Cakes are power-packed with an aggressive amount of protein (14g) and whole grains.  Lots of nutrition and no guilt here, pal.  We’re eating these every day.  Legit, we actually do eat these almost every day.  There are a million places to get a slammin breakfast here in the Big D, but when it comes to pancakes, we’re making our own.

The process is simple.  Whisk equal parts water and mix together.  Add an egg if you’re feeling wild or if you just happen to have eggs.  Pour a reasonable amount (you define reasonable, don’t let reasonable define you) into a medium-heat pan.  Wait for little perky bubbles to start whimpering through the batter.  Flip that flap jack because yeah, you’re almost done.  Just a few more seconds on the flipped side.  Ta-da, it’s Kodiak Cake time.  Prepare to be dazzled.  Both by your mad pan-frying skills and the unequivocal deliciousness of Kodiak Cakes. 

Want to know what else is cool about Kodiak Cakes?  They’re gonna slide into your grocery basket in three magnificent varieties.  Yeah, you heard us.  Three. Magnificent. Varieties.  Kodiak Cakes are exactly that superb.

First up, the classic buttermilk variety.  If you want some nostalgia in a patty and some spankin nutrition facts, this is your flavor.  Get nuts and add nuts.  Maybe some blueberries or chocolate chips.  The buttermilk Kodiak Cake is your canvas and you’re the Monet of breakfast.  You can’t go wrong with this classic. 

Second, a fun spin on the traditional is the peanut butter Kodiak Cake.  This variety has chips of peanut butter mixed-in.  We like this a lot because it’s like you took the extra step to fancy up your Kodiak Cakes, but really you just bought a box of Kodiak Cakes.  Also, if you want to spread some raspberry jelly on a peanut butter Kodiak Cake and then top it with another peanut butter Kodiak Cake, you’re going to become very self-impressed.  Hold onto this feeling and do it often.

Third and finally is the chocolate Kodiak Cake.  Same slammin nutritional facts but you know, chocolate.  Sweet but not too sweet and mini chocolate pieces mixed in.  We were hesitant at first about the chocolate variety, but decided to throw caution to the wind and give them a go.  It was the right call. Kinda.  Now we need chocolate pancakes at all hours of the day.  It’s fine. Everything is fine.

Really though, the Kodiak Cake is an exceptionally versatile food.  Kodiak Cakes for breakfast? Makes sense.  Also make them the night before and give them a quick zap in the microwave if you’re a total pro.  Kodiak Cakes for lunch?  Yeah, we’ll toss some in a zip-lock bag and bring these puffy protein patties to work.  Kodiak Cakes for dinner?  How else are you going to meal-prep for your morning Kodiak Cakes? It’s the circle of Kodiak Cakes, yo.  How about Kodiak Cakes for snacks?  What else are pockets for? Exactly.  Drop the mic.  Go get some Kodiak Cakes.