Oh, hey.  Loved the last three places we recommended for St. Patty’s?  Get ready to have your socks shamrocked off.  We’ve got the final four stops on our pub crawl headed your way.  Let’s get to it. 

Black Friar Pub

First/fourth up, we hopped on over to Black Friar Pub over on McKinney.  This place has patios for days.  It also has fire pits and we are huge suckers for a good fire pit.  The Black Friar Pub is intentionally dark on the inside with a red-lit staircase to the second floor.  The bar is very rustic and the crowd is very frat-tastic.  The drinks are strong, but our photo posing game was stronger (duh).  We spent the majority of our time here making people uncomfortable with photo opportunities.  Or at least that’s what we were able to discern from our photos, texts, and fire zooms from the next morning.  Less than half-way though our pub crawl, our commitment to research and development was unvarying.  We care that much about you. We also cared a lot about the girl we met in the bathroom whose ex-boyfriend said he was going to be there and then wasn’t and then stopped texting her and Adam, if you’re reading this, we’re team… we don’t remember your ex-girlfriend’s name but we do remember that she is a shining star you were foolish to let slip away.  Needless to say, the Black Friar Pub was everything we wanted it to be and more.  If we get gorgeous weather this weekend, the patio here is going to be a strong contender for St. Patty’s Day 2019, no question.

Gingerman Dallas

Somehow, we do not entirely remember how, we did make it to the Gingerman.  We slammed a couple waters and we were back in the game.  Gingerman is located in a little festively painted house in Uptown and inside is equally festive and fun – more fun when the D-List is there though (duh).  The back of the bar is copper-plated and has dozens of beers on tap.  For people who are responsible and can play with sharp objects, there is a dart board.  The most majestic part of this establishment though has to be the jukebox.  We firmly believe that there is no better way to spend a dollar than sharing the musical genius of the Weather Girl’s, “It’s Raining Men,” with an entire bar.  This truly is the perfect scene for late-20s/early-30 somethings.  It’s small, but not too small, the crowd is a good time, and the atmosphere is on-point.  We could definitely see ourselves spending several hours here in the big day.


Again, not sure how we made it here, but we know we did and we know it was late. We also know that we “accidentally” ate someone else’s entire pizza when we got here, but it was so life-changingly good (seriously come here for the pizza) we ordered more and hopefully that makes it okay?  The Dubliner is very dark and has a ski-lodge like fireplace in the back.  We remember lot of steps and stuff.  Maybe Christmas lights? We also think this was the bar we ended up in last year when we lost everyone during the Greenville Ave Parade.  That was kind of a blur too.  This year we had more friends show up here – mostly to see if we were alive –and they’ve all told us it was an excellent Irish Pub.  The food was great (not just the pizza but order the pizza) and they had warm booze-filled drinks that we hear were flawless.  That said, this is on Greenville Ave and will be absolutely packed on St. Patty’s.  If you want to score a seat here that day, you will need to show up very early.  Great at showing up to bars very early, we’re not taking this one off the list for ourselves.

Capitol Pub

Fun fact: We didn’t make it to the Capitol Pub on our R&D Pub Crawl.  We did make it home though, so that’s a plus.  We also have things to aspire to (seven bars in one day), which we think is also a plus.  On the topic of plusses, we visited the Capitol Pub the next day.  Located on Henderson Ave next to the Hide Away and the Skilleg, Capitol Pub is your every-day neighborhood pub. We love this place.  Easy atmosphere, great patio, lots of televisions, and a very chill crowd.  On game-days everyone gets the right level of riled-up, and the bar knows how to get festive.  Given it’s an Irish-themed bar, Capitol Pub will be getting extra-festive for St. Patty’s.  As two non-Irish girls who can occasionally *very occasionally* be a little extra, this is the kind of festive we can throw our support behind.  Again, another strong contender for St. Patty’s.

So, there you have it! Seven solid options for our Saint Patrick’s Day festivities.  We haven’t decided yet which establishment we will grace with our presence this weekend, but we can assure you our presence will not be graceful.  Be sure to follow along on the gram this weekend to see where we end up!

Links below for the seven Irish Pubs we visited. Hope you’ll try one out this weekend too!