Bring on the chips and dip.

Pro Tip: When you make slammin tacos, you should probably have a restaurant large enough to accommodate everyone who wants to try your slammin tacos.  Jose’s on Lovers 100% embraced and nailed this concept.  The bar is huge, the patio is huge, everything is huge. We love it.  Hugely. We also love that despite being huge, every corner of Jose’s is drenched with brilliant little details.  The bar itself is a saturated turquois surrounded by stretched-leather chairs.  The back wall is a festive af mural in black and white tile.  The patio has a genius agave-sculpture fountain.  There’s a cute little “mercado” in the back.  We could go on and on, but your best bet is to just go and soak it all in for yourself.  Plan to aggressively Instagram your visit.

Also plan to order tacos.  Actually, the whole menu is amazing but *hi* tacos are life so order some damn tacos.  Jose’s offers skirt steak, shrimp, and carnitas tacos among other options.  They also have a “chef’s choice” which varies and is always amazing.  On our past visit the chef’s choice was barbacoa.  10/10 do recommend.  10/10 also recommend over-doing it on the chips and dip. Both the red and the green salsas are flawles.

Oh, worth noting, they make their own tortillas. Yep. House made tortillas. Genius and addicting.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own house made tortillas after trying them.  More likely you’ll be inspired to go Jose’s and eat their house made tortillas all the time instead. *Petition for all tortillas to by house made tortillas from now on.*

Let’s talk about the drinks.  Half the menu is specialty cocktails, margaritas, beers, wines, and other spirits. This is exactly the ratio of drinks to food we like to see.  Naturally all the margaritas are on point.  We also love the cocktails and often just ask the waiter to recommend one and go with that.  In a fun taco-twist, however, something about Jose’s makes us want to have wine.  It just seems like a wine-drinking spot.  Not sure if it’s the lovely surroundings or our own wine-is-always-the-answer trajectory, but either way Jose’s is a place we like to drink wine. Take note.

Our final fun fact about Jose’s is that like everywhere in Dallas, you have to valet.  Honestly, we’re not even remotely upset about this and have grown to love not having to park our own cars.  Also, we often Uber anyway since *hi* we drink wine here.  The twist on this valet, however, is that it is basically a $100k plus car show.  We’re talking G-Wagons, Land Rovers, Ferraris, etc.  Clearly some upscale people love them some Jose’s.  Clearly trash bags like us love us some Jose’s too.  Everyone wins. Everyone gets tacos.  See you at Jose’s.