Who likes chips n’ dip?  Yeah, exactly.  Everyone.  So, when we heard it was National Chip and Dip Day this past Saturday, we didn’t hesitate to plan our entire day around getting some slammin chips and dip.  We needed variety, we ambiance, we needed someplace new, we needed chips and dip.  Enter: Abuelo’s.  This magical restaurant has locations all around the country and the one closest to us is located up in Plano.  One of us drives a lot for work and has seen the festive exterior of the Plano Abuelo’s a handful of times.  Being aggressively festive humans, we knew we had to go in.  We were not disappointed.

Before you even walk in there are café lights, statues (of Abuelo?), huge carved-wooden doors, and just an overall outstandingly-themed exterior.  Hop on in and, omg, this place really does not mess around with the festivity.  Somehow you’re inside, but you feel like you’re outside-ish, because there is a massive courtyard dining room.  Murals all around and columns to boot.  It’s just crazy well done. We would not shut up about how much we loved it. 

Ever walk around an entire restaurant taking pictures of every little corner because it’s so damn cute?  10/10 do recommend at Abuelo’s.  Literally, we want to eat in places that bring the theme this hard all the time.  Abuelo’s is officially in the rotation. 

Let’s talk about that dip sampler.  We ordered it not once, not twice, but three times.  We’re that ambitious.  Disclosure – we brought friends.  But, still.  It was a lot.  A lot of delicious queso, chile con carne, and guacamole.  We have exactly no regrets.  We had to pre-game our tacos.

Now let’s talk about the tacos. Mexico City-Style Tacos, that is. You won’t be disappointed. This spread comes with 2 huge tacos , and we mean huge. Yeah, none of that two bite tacos nonsense that makes you wonder what you’ll be eating in the next two hours. These bad boys are the perfect size. We recommend the carnitas, firecracker shrimp, brisket and shredded chicken. Get nuts and pick two different kinds of tacos so you can try the two that tickle your fancy the most. But really, you can’t go wrong here.

Our biggest regret is that the picture above doesn’t really do these tacos justice (photography kingship wasn’t an offered course back in our university days).

Moving on, obviously we’d never leave you hanging when it comes drinks. Duh. This being our first visit, we tried our favorite kind of margarita, you know, the skinny one. ‘Twas delightful. Perfect amount of lime, just a little sweet, and stunning spirits to wash down the tacos. And it’s simply wonderful. Your mouth will be oh so pleased and your body will be oh so skinny because *hi* why else would they call it a skinny margarita? It’s science, look it up.

On our way our we noticed Abuelo’s offers a slammin mimosa deal on Saturdays and Sundays. Grande mimosas for only $5 until 3 pm. Tacos, chips and dip and mimosas? Sign us up for every Sunday from 11-3 every week for the next dozen weeks. Yes, yes please.

D-List Determination:

  • Deals: Chips and dips galore and $5 weekend mimosas
  • Dinning: Chips and dips
  • Drinks: Skinny margarita all day everyday
  • Dogs: Two dog emoji for their cute patio