Both of us have full-time jobs and rarely have time to take lunch.  It’s arguably the greatest tragedy of our time.  Comparable to being always stuck in second gear.  Sometimes though, when the stars align just right, we can sneak out for a proper hour break.   In those situations, we want to go to Commissary 110% of the time.

This place is perfect.  With its massive blue mosaic exterior and New York modern eatery-style store front, you can see it from several blocks away. This is important when you’re in a dead-sprint trying to get as far away from your office as possible, but jk not too far because we’re pretty sure you have to go back.  Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, and you can’t stay in this square blue block of lunch dreams forever.  Insert sad face emoji. 

This place was recommended to us by one of our attorney friends, probably because this is where attorneys (or any professional – or non-professional) should lunch.  And breakfast.  And dinner. Mid-afternoon snacks are also encouraged. Basically, whatever kind of meal you want – Commissary is there for you.  

Oh wait, you want your food to-go? No problem. You want some beer and/or wine to-go too? Done. Having a bad day? Cookie dough. Yeah, you read that right. Did we stutter?

More than anything though, our love of Commissary – while it extends to the ambiance and convenience – is rooted first and foremost in, you guessed it, the food.  Commissary’s menu includes the most delicious salads that are filling, but also won’t give you that post-lunch food coma (we love the rotisserie chicken cobb and kale caesar); sandwiches you will want to order everyday (the Italian Hero is our favorite); pasta; soups; and even a whole or half rotisserie chicken (this has happened more times than we want to admit).  We also love the smoked salmon bagel and oatmeal.  If you’re feeling particularly altruistic, we also recommend being the toast of the office and grabbing a bakers-dozen of fresh bagels with smear for your work faves.  

In addition to its mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, Commissary is also bakery, butcher shop, gelateria, espresso bar, and market.  Does the majesty of this place know no bounds? Short answer: No.

*Side note* and, like, really though, as undeniable 90s gals, we desperately want to see a Commissary commercial reminiscent of the iconic Circuit City commercials that ends with a ginormous blue plug being inserted into the sidewalk and becoming the Commissary store.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, please youtube Circuit City and then watch Wayne’s World 9 times to absolve yourself of your 90s ignorance.  

Also also, Commissary is definitely where the Friend’s crew would frequent in the 2019 Dallas reboot.  In 2019, they don’t have time to sit on couches all day.  They do have time to grab a salad and bottle of wine to go.  *Silver screen gold.*

D-List Determination:

  • Dinning: We’ll have one of everything.
  • Drinks: Step aside Central Perk.  
  • Dog-Friendly: Their outdoor tables are prime seating for the city’s cutest pups.
  • Deals: Wine to go.