April fools! Hahahaha ha… ha… Sorry. Kinda.

Anywho… what we’re NOT foolin about though is comin at ya with back to back to back Match.com Mondays.  No big deal.  Jk.  It’s a very big deal.  We’re loving Kristin’s dating adventures and we know you are too.  With a failed Mr. Britney Spears Photo in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to look onward to new unforged options.  Cleanse the palate, if you will.  Seems like we should be throwing out some more platitudes at this point.  Maybe a “you live and you learn.”  But, fun fact, most of the time we just live.  Nonetheless, this week when scrolling through Match.com profiles, we decided to take a slightly different approach.  This week’s different approach will be to not agree to a date with someone because of who else is in one of their profile pictures.  Wild, we know.  

So how did we pick Kristin’s date this time?  We decide to take the exact opposite approach to how we respond to the dudes who slide into our Instagram DMs hoping to spark a connection.  Because yes, Katie will 100% still send you Narwhal facts and you 100% will never get a date with Kristin and we 100% will just start deleting your DMs when we get bored.  Moral of the side-story: please, stop trying.  Please, go get a Match.com profile and meet someone who is actually interested in you.

This brings us back to the central story – how we picked Kristin’s latest date.  Like the Match.com scholars we are, we decided to actually read all the thoughtful messages being sent in from fellow Dallas singles, review their well-written profiles, and scroll through a couple of pictures.  Honestly, it was down-right delightful.  The people in this town are marvelous.  There really were so many great options.  We even looked through profiles of dudes who did not slide into the DMs and needless to say; Dallas, we are impressed.  

The man who sparked Kristin’s fancy the most this past week we shall affectionately refer to as, “The Poker Player.”  We’d love to tell you a spectacular story about how we came up with this name but really, it’s just because he is a professional poker player. Clever, we know. Even more clever was how he snagged a date with a D-Lister Sister. 

First, get this, he slid into her Match.com DMs and asked how she was doing.  Then he asked if she liked Dallas and how long she’d been here.  After that it was a whole series of perfectly normal question asking and exchanging between the pair.  They exchanged numbers and texted for several days.  It was downright pleasant.  That’s right ladies, a very genuine, interesting, non-evasive total gentleman. They do exist and they exist on Match.com. 

After a few days of texting and getting to know one another, you guessed, they planned a date.  We love this shit.  ‘Twas a warmer day here in Dallas, so our don’t dress too scandalous rule went a bit out the window, but Kristin has her slammin new tan from @bringmebronze and that’s not our fault.  It also was on a Friday, but The Poker Player splits his time between here and Vegas and sometimes ya gotta bend the rules a bit.

The Poker Player picked one of our favorite local spots for dinner, Tulum.  It’s hip, but not obnoxiously hip, and y’all can definitely expect a blog post soon.  Needless to say, Kristin was super excited.  Date night came, and apologies for how anticlimactic this all is, but it was a perfectly fine evening.  He doesn’t really drink, but didn’t mind at all when Kristin ordered a glass of wine.  They shared some life stories and, well, we think Kristin may have a new very cool friend.  There was no in-person romance spark, but that happens sometimes.  Yep, that’s right, sometimes, you just meet a very cool human who does very cool things (see i.e. runs a charity, a poker academy, etc.), and y’all get to be very cool friends. 

Needless to say, Kristin’s dating adventures continue. Needless to say, The Poker Player has definitely renewed our faith in mankind.  ‘Til next time ya jack wagons.