If you are like us, and we are slightly narcissistic so we believe everyone is, the name ‘Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’ can leave you with a lot of questions. We don’t really want any of our food to be fuzzy. Also, maybe Fuzzy’s friend’s could have given him a more taco-friendly name like, ‘the Fuz’? It really took us a while to try even try Fuzzy’s Taco’s, entirely because of our hang up on the name. It is what it is.

That said, were we wrong. This place is down right delightful. If you find yourself jones’n for a quick taco (or ten) paired with an ice cold beer, this is the spot for you. The atmosphere is super laid back and perfect for your Spanx stretchy pants. Fun fact, we also saw a pair of gaucho pants worn here once. Another fun fact, we love a good non-ironic 2005 throw back.

The best thing about Fuzzy’s is how quickly you can order your tacos and then get your tacos. We hate waiting, so 10/10 do recommend. Right when you walk in, you go up to the counter, order your food, ta-da, your meal is gettin made. No wait-time here. They give you a buzzer so there is no chance of you missing your name being called. Or your name being mispronounced so badly you miss it and then you are stuck with cold tacos. Having lived through this experience with even the most basic of names, we’re very much team-buzzer. Fuzzy’s Tacos will give you that buzz you as soon as your order is ready and boom, tacos. *insert preach-hands emoji.*

Fuzzy Taco has many locations around Dallas and is open morning noon and night (and late night on the weekends). Even better, you can Uber Eats yourself some Fuzzy Taco in the middle of your work day and often times they waive the delivery fee. Yep, delivery Fuzzy’s Tacos and yep we may or may not have ordered burritos the size of small children a time or two. #noregrets.

As taco devotees, we are ecstatic to report that Fuzzy’s has twelve different tacos to choose from and they are all under $3. We recommend getting a minimum of three. That way you can try as many as possible. Our favorites are the grilled shrimp, shredded brisket, chicken fajita and the spicy pork with a side of chips and queso. We also recommend trying a burrito, they are amazing and we will even make an exception to get a burrito on taco Tuesday here.

All in all we recommend you try Fuzzy’s Tacos and what better day to try it than today? This Texas gem is another one that will be thrown into our rotation because *hi* tacos.