Specfuckingtacular news, Dallas.  We’ve found the golden goose of sunless tanning – prepare to be fully dazzled.  Our search for said dazzling sunless tanning started a few weeks back when we got a sneak-peek at this beautiful Dallas spring weather. In turn that meant it was time for Dallas to to see our beautiful pasty white stems.  Win/ummm… we needed to take action.  Enter Bring Me Bronze.  This is a full-service, at home, custom-tanning company owned and operated by one of our new favorite humans, boss babe and professionally trained airbrush tanning technician, Kambri Preciado.  Legit, we’re going to start seeing her bi-weekly, we love her tans so much.

We also love how damn easy she makes it to get one of her tans.  All you have to do is book online via Facebook or Instagram (you’ll get sent some pre-tan instructions on how to make sure your tan turns out slammin) and then, ta-da, girl shows up at your humble little abode with literally everything you need for a flawless tan.  That’s right, pop-up tan tent, hair-net, foot-stickies, disposable undies, the whole shebang.  And she sets up quick.  We were no-joke barely done tying up our hair and she was completely ready to go. It was unreal.

Post hair tying and pre-disposable panty donning, we went over the tanning options.  Not being girls of moderation, we made clear we wanted to be “two-week long vacation tan.”  Given it was only March, Kambri talked us off that edge.  We settled for “third day of vacation tan.”  We couldn’t have been happier. 

The process is very quick.  Appointment usually last around 15-30 minutes and results can be expected to last 5-9 days before fading depending on proper prep and post care guidelines.

If you’ve never had a spray tan before, the first step is to get as scantily clad as you’d like.  You can wear a swimsuit, disposable panties (referenced prior), or just go completely buff.  Whatever you fancy is how much of your fancy can get spray tanned.  Pop on some feet stickies on the bottom of your feet so they stay white, then ready set go.

The spray tech, using a high-pressure spray gun, will apply a customized sunless solution smoothing out your skin’s appearance as she goes – evening skin tones, adding a natural glow and blending out pesky tanlines, as well as hiding blemishes, bruises and other imperfections. You do a series of interpretive dance poses, choreographed by Kambri, as she makes this magic happen.  After that you get blown dry and try not to touch your own skin.  It makes sense, trust us. 

Kambri also has a secret extra step she does right after you spray tan.  We won’t tell you what it is because you need to see for yourself, but the moral of the story is your hands and arms are going to look the best they’ve ever looked with a spray tan.  If you’ve had a spray tan before, you know how important this is.

Now for the final and best step of the equation – go out and look like a total glamazon in your slammin new tan.  Just get back from Miami?  Maybe.  Naturally bronzed?  Could be.  Go live your best life in your best tan.  Get that tan from Bring Me Bronze.        

About tanning solutions used by Bring Me Bronze:

All tanning solutions offered use high grade, EcoCert DHA blended with natural and organic ingredients such as chamomile, green tea extract, and vitamins for hydration and anti-aging properties. Each solution is also quick drying as well as paraben, fragrance, gluten, sulfate, and cruelty free!


Various solutions are offered for a customizable airbrush tan for every skin tone and type. Individual tans at home are $56, packaging pricing is also available. When tanning with a friend take $5 off and groups of 10 or more receive $10 off each tan- the host always tans free at tanning parties of any size 4 or more. Birthday tans done during your birthday month are 50% off!