It’s no secret that we love all things Lowest Greenville.  Also, not a huge secret that we love tacos.  Combine the two – magic happens.  We’ve been so excited to try Tacos Mariachi and, honestly, we’re ashamed it’s taken so long.  In our defense, we did try to go several times before it opened because we kept thinking it had already opened.  It hadn’t.  But like, it’s open now. It’s wild how good we are at all the things all the time.

Taco’s Mariachi brands itself as serving Tijuana street flavor, and just like that Tijuana is now on our travel list.  These tacos are the best street tacos we’ve had since we moved to Dallas. They are served up on a duo of flawlessly authentic corn tortillas and packed full of flavor. They divide up the menu by general category of tacos – which we so appreciate.  Tacos and categories are both our jam. 

First up, they have tradicional tacos.  These are legit (carnitas, barbacoa, etc) and we got one of each.  Then there are the “funky” and gourmet” menu items.  We went ahead and got one taco from each of those as well.  Camaron Al Pesto (pesto shrimp) from the funky menu.  Smoked Salmon from the gourmet menu. 10/10 do recommend every single taco we ordered.  Probably the ones we didn’t order too.  Definitely make use of the green, red, and orange salsas as well. Everything was just so damn delicious. We were starving when we got here, completely stuffed when we left, and still willing to eat more tacos despite our completely-stuffed state.  These tacos are exactly this good.

Full disclosure, we also ordered their house-made tortilla soup. It was a rainy day (thanks, Dallas) on our first visit and this sounded like it was going to hit the spot. Spoiler alert: it did. They serve it in a mini-pitcher which you pour over a bowl of avocado, salsa, and tortilla strips. The plan was to share one bowl to save room for tacos, but *someone* ate it all. #noregrets.

Now let’s talk about the ambiance, because nothing is better than eating a scrumptious taco while surrounded by scrumptious décor.  This place is pretty cute.  A bright orange exterior assures you’re not forgetting Tacos Mariachi is a great new staple on Lowest Greenville.  The tin cacti in the planter around the front patio assure this place is gonna have slammin landscape year-round.  Inside you get tin lanterns and more bright walls.  The artwork is tarot cards and taco paraphernalia.  It’s basically a colorful explosion and taco haven all in one.  We’re so happy this place exists.

Other note-worthy points, Taco Mariachi appears very family friendly.  There were lots of well-behaved young kids on our first visit.  Kudos to the parents for getting their kiddos on the street-taco band wagon nice and early.  Additionally, there is parking in the back.  A rare find in the Big-D.  

Overall, we were completely won-over by Tacos Mariachi’s street tacos.  Overall, we will be here quite often.