Fun fact: Water World was one of our absolute favorite movies growing up and it is 100% of the reason we do not smoke and, confusingly, it is also 100% of the reason why we love jet skis.  If you’re not picking up what we’re setting down, Bruce Willis 100% will come steal all your tomato plants tonight, watch out.

Let’s keep with this 100% theme and talk about how you 100% can help give someone 100% of the clean water they need for a full week.  Facts first:  2.1 billion people around the world do not have access to safe water and 4.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation. The not for profit Water for People works to supply water to those people. How do you factor in? Keep reading, duh.

In celebration of this year’s World Water Day, Water for People has teamed up with Asolut Elyx to supply water and water sources to people in need.  That’s right, vodka and charity in one. Boom.   Hope on in. 

For every bottle of Elyx or copper pineapple (like the one’s in our picture – so cute) sold, Absolut Elyx will supply one week of safe drinking water (approx. 140 leters) to someone in need.  Yep, just buy some booze or cute booze paraphernalia and you’re making a difference.  Ta-da.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Want an even EASIER way to help?  Call within in the next five minutes..jk jk.  No one uses the call function of a telephone anymore.  All you have to do is post on Instagram and use the hashtag #RaiseItForward between now and April 22.  Yep, World Water Day just got a month-long celebration.    

Let’s sweeten the deal even more.  This year, if Water for People and Asolut Elyx reach their goal of 10,000 posts, they will increase the donation to ONE MONTH of safe water for every post! AND, yes, there’s more; use the hashtag #RaiseItForwardTX for a chance to win a copper swan ($399 value) or one of three copper coups ($39.50 value each) from the one and only Susie Drinks Dallas. Hot damn, now you have to get on this bandwagon, you jack wagon.