Hey hey hey! It’s Monday so you know what that means, Match Monday! This week we have some exciting news to share. We have partnered with Match! What does that mean for you? We’re so glad you asked. We are giving you a link for a 7 day free trial. That means you can explore the jungle that is the dating scene too. I hope y’all are as excited as we are! Because of this exciting news we thought it would be best to give you some tips and tricks on how to use the app and some do’s and don’ts.

Step 1: Use this link to activate your free trial and download the app.

Step 2: Create your profile. This can be challenging, so let us help you. First, follow these tips here. Then, you are going to want to pick at least 2-4 fire pics of yourself. Do have at least one full body shot. Don’t have pictures with other peoples children. In fact, don’t have pictures of your own children either. This is a dating site, not your family photo album. Also, make sure not all of your photos are of you in a hat and sunglasses. That will lead one to think you are trying to hide something. Maybe you are? Best to just get it out now than on an award first date. Next comes the summary about yourself. This can be challenging. It’s best to keep it short and to the point. Don’t quote someone else to try and make yourself seem smarter. Just get to the point about yourself. There are a lot of options that you can fill in and we suggest that you do answer the following: gender, seeking what gender, height, body type, marital status, children (and whether or not they live with you), education level, smoking and drinking. These are the crucial things that people are going to want to know before engaging in a conversation with you.

Step 3: Begin your journey on Match. This is where the fun begins. We suggest starting with perusing the ‘Discover’ section. This is where Match finds people that they think you might be compatible with based on what you stated you are looking for. With this feature you are able to view other peoples profiles and you can like them by clicking on the heart emoji or move on to the next by click the X. You can also message people directly throw this feature as well. *We do suggest going throw this with a friend/your sister, it’s much more fun as a team activity.*

Step 4: Interact with potential love interests, which will lead to potential dates. Boom. Now you are a pro at Match. We wish you all luck out there in the jungle. We will be sure to follow up on more of Kristin’s dating extravaganzas in the following weeks to come.