Welcome back 1994, we’ve missed you. This passed weekend we decided to head back to the 1990’s and headed over to JCPenney’s *Penney’s for the real pros* and get glamour shots. Yep, you read that correctly and O-M-G, they are fucking GLAMOROUS! This decision came about over cocktails at Leela’s. For those of you who follow along you are probably noticing a trend, a lot of our “great” ideas come to us while drinking cocktails at Leela’s. And let us tell you, we are so ecstatic with this idea.

We can’t really recall what lead us down this path, but once the words glamour shots and JCPenney’s were blurted out there was only one logical thing to do: Google to make sure this is still an option and thank the gods, old and new, it does. Of course we checked their availability immediately and they had openings for Saturday. You bet your sweet ass we took that afternoon appointment. So what came next? We’re so glad you asked. We of course took full advantage of the section of their website “Session Tips.” They have three helpful tips on how to prepare for your session. Step 1: schedule an appointment. Done. Next. Step 2: pick out your outfits. All black everything and sunglasses. Check. Step 3: personalize with props. After looking through the sample pics they have up on their website we knew we were covered. Not sure we have ever slayed steps 1-3 so perfectly before.

This entire experience from start to finish was exactly everything we wanted. You get to pick 2 different backgrounds to shoot with. We went with the classic white and got a little crazy and also went with the teal, you know, for Easter. And we know what you’re thinking, “we hope it’s not updated and just a boring green screen.” Correct, they are actual backdrops. They also have fire props. Pinwheels anyone? Oh we’re sorry, we couldn’t hear you over our bangin jam sess with a microphone and bass. Yes you little jack wagons, it is that good. Did we mention that the photographer will help with poses? You never have to fear that you won’t know what to do with your hands, they got you.

Best part? We know, you’re shocked it can get better. They will take as many photos as you want in your allotted time and it’s the same price to get all you fire shots emailed directly to you within the hour. And for only $19.99 more they will include enhancements. 10/10 do recommend. So the next time you are thinking you need to get family photos taken, think Penny’s.