This weekend we are off to Miami for a bachelorette party and as experts in attending bachelorette parties/planning them, we are here to give you our best tips and tricks.

Step One: Location

Location, location, location. It is important to pick a great location for this once in a life time occasion (unless you are one of our parents, then it’s more of a 2-5 time occasion). First you want to choose how much of a shit show you want the weekend to be. We like to call this scale Napa to Vegas. If you are looking for a more classy/mellow weekend we recommend Napa, Sonoma, Sedona, Palm Springs etc. You can have a nice girls weekend getaway, hit up some wineries, a spa and nice restaurants. Don’t get us wrong, these places can also be a shit show, but there is more of a chance some of your group can keep it together. Then you have your middle ground. This consists of places like Tulum, Austin, Nashville. You can really go either way. You can opt to keep it classy, or go all out and get crazy. Then you have your complete fucking shit show locations. These places there is no hope of keeping it classy and it’s best to prepare weeks in advance and take the following Monday off of work. These are the Vegas, Miami and Cabo.

Step two: Hotel vs Airbnb

Depending on which location you choose and how many people are going will depend on which is going to be best for your group. In the past we have done hotels in Vegas, Miami and Austin vs Airbnbs in Palm Springs, Napa and Austin. Another big factor is price and how close you want to be to certain areas of the city. *Also it is very important to choose which is going to offer the best background for Instagram.*

Step three: Itinerary

It is important to have a set plan for the weekend. Otherwise it turns into a lot of, “I don’t care you pick” or, “I’m not in the mood for that.” Having a solid plan that everyone is aware of in advance will help everyone mentally prepare for what they are doing and gives them enough time to figure out what will need to be in in order to rally. Itinerary tips that we have learned after planning many of these:

  • Day one: Everyone arrives, plan on just catching up with everyone as they arrive and then getting ready for the night.
  • Night one: Dinner (always have reservations made in advance) followed by a number of bars/and or clubs. If going to a club have a table, if bars are more your scene make sure to choose a street that has many bars to go to within a close distance because everyones feet will start to hurt.
  • Day two: Pool time/activity. We recommend pool. Always have an adequate number of floaties as well as a pump to blow them all up. Spending all day in the sun is going to take a lot so make sure you have lots of water.
  • Night two: Dinner at the house or a more relaxed restaurant. Everyone is going to be more sluggish than night one but don’t worry after a nap and some food everyone will pep up.
  • Day three: Spa and/or go the fuck home.

Step four: Theme/Swag

It is key to make sure every party has a theme, this will make the swag much easier. For instance, Palm Springs equals flamingos, Austin screams fiesta see where we are going with this. And for swag get everyone a nice swag bag. These should include Advil, water, penis straws, customized cups, mouth wash, Pedialyte, etc.

Step five: Music

Slammin playlist.

Step six: Groceries

Find a grocery store in advance that you can go to or have groceries delivered. Even if you are in a hotel, make sure you have plenty of champagne, alcohol, water and snacks.

Step seven: Transportation

Have it figured out in advance how to get to and from everywhere. Most of the time its as easy as getting a couple of Ubers but if not know if renting a car or two is the best for getting two and from the airport.

We know this seems like a lot, but we promise if you follow these steps you will be a hero and hands down throw the best bachelorette parties. Just ask many of our friends… we promise we have other friends than just each other.