We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it again, one of our favorite things about Dallas is how easy it is to take a quick trip to anywhere in the world.  The shorter the travel time and the longer the beach, the better.  This past week, Katie took a trip to Cabo San Jose for a friend’s wedding and because we love you little jack wagon’s so much, we put together the first D-List travel guide.  So go ahead and put Cabo on your list ASAP and use these slammin’ tips:

Air Travel

Getting to Cabo is wildly easier than you may think.  A direct flight is just under 3 hours and a number of airlines departing from both DAL and DFW have several direct flights per day.  So really, it’s easier than getting to California and the margaritas are cheaper.

Another great option is Southwest.  They fly exclusively out of Dallas Love Field and currently do not have a direct, but quite frankly, you can’t beat the price or the service.  Southwest must have something in their air-plane shaped snacks that makes everyone who works there down right delightful, because we’ve never been on a Southwest flight where the flight attendants and service desk people are not in specfreakingtacular moods.  We’ll be hungover af and barely making it to our flights and somehow these people are always so damn nice.  We don’t deserve it, but we love it. 

Whichever airline you chose, you’re on your way to Mexico and better order an in-flight cocktail.  We always order Bloody Mary’s because *hi* what’s better than a Bloody Mary than an airplane Bloody Marry?  Exactly.

Airport Transportation

You 100% HAVE to book your travel to and from the airport to your hotel in advance.  We used and recommend Impala Ground Services for round trip transportation.  The booking is easy and simple; the service is on-time and reliable; the cars are clean; and the drivers and knowledgeable and friendly.  Even better, the price is cheaper than a taxi and the travel time is about half of what it would be with a shared shuttle.  Of course, research around to find what fits your schedule and budget best, but do not skip this step when planning your trip.  Knowing your airport transportation-plan in advance is crucial.

Why?  Well, when you land in Cabo, you go through customs and then are ushered into the designated “timeshare” area, which is complete and unabashed chaos.  Dozens of time-share affiliates (who promise they are not time-share affiliates) will literally yell and scream at you that you’re lost and going the wrong way and have to talk to so-and-so over at desk whatever.  They will ask you what hotel you’re staying at and/or what transportation you booked and pretend to know exactly where that is and what the plan is with your pre-arranged transportation.  They don’t.  No matter what they say or how insistent they are, stick with your pre-arranged travel plan. Your pre-arranged travel was not delayed; your hotel did not mess up your reservation; these people are trying to hustle you and *hi* you’ve got a vacation to get to.  Don’t get trapped.


If you follow our Instagram, you won’t be remotely surprised to know we cannot recommend the JW Marriott Los Cabos enough.  This resort and spa is a vacation all it’s own.  The architecture and gardens are straight-up breathtaking and you can never run out of things to do.  Between 13 pools and honestly, we have no idea how many bars and restaurants, the JW Marriott Los Cabos has it all. 

When you arrive you are immediately greated by “welcome cocktails.”  All our friends better adopt this practice for their homes, asap.  You check in with your personal concierge and then are immediately escorted to your room.  The views from literally every single room are, in phrase, jaw dropping.  We had an ocean facing room, but they also offer garden view, ocean view, and mountain view.  We got a sneak peak of each and loved them all.  Every room is equipped with a sweeping balcony, comfortable bed, massive soaking tub, and walk-in shower.   Take full advantage of all of the above.

What we loved most about the JW Marriott Los Cabos; however, and it was hard to choose just one thing, is the dedication to tranquility.  Gotta re-charge your batteries?  This is the place for you.  Every inch of the property is dedicated to stunning views and beautiful architecture.  The infinity pools take your eye to the ocean at every turn; gardens are beautiful manicures, full or colors and fragrance; you can hear the waves road from most places on the property; and *hi* the spa is so slammin you may never leave.  

Let’s talk food.  The pool-side service and the non-pool-side-service (which is how we shall refer to all service that is not pool-side, henceforth) is above and beyond.  The pool side menu includes a list of ceviche’s, guacamole, pizza, quesadillas, fries, salads, smoothies, boozies, and really anything you need to get your pool-day on.  The restaurant options include casual fair, high-end steak and seafood, sushi, and a brunch to top all brunches. We got super classy one night and did the tasting menu at the property’s steak house. It was in a word: decadent.  Definitely a must if you’re already this far into a treat yo self weekend.

The only draw-back we noticed about the JW Marriott Los Cabos, which depending on the type of trip you’re looking for may not be a draw back at all, is that it is particularly far from town.  They do offer a twice daily shuttle; however, if you miss it, getting into Cabo San Lucas is a pretty pricey taxi ride.  If you’re hoping to take in a full day in the city, do not miss this shuttle.

Other accommodation options include all-inclusive resorts and air bnbs.  Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong in this beautiful little neck of the world.

City Trip – Cabo San Lucas

Most famous for El Archo de Cabo, we think this is an excursion worth taking in.  Several companies offer boat trips out to the arch.  Look for a company that emphasizes safety and fits the travel time you’re most interested in.  You can make this an all-day adventure or just a quick trip for pictures and back.

Around the town, there are countless places for bites and booze.  We recommend Baja Brewery for the view and *duh* the booze.  It’s located on the rooftop of a hotel and a great place to soak in a little Cabo magic.

As for shopping, Cabo is mostly a land chachkas.  We love chachkas, however, so please do not shy away from some slammin shopping.  Do plan to haggle, do plan to still not get great deals, but hey, you’re on vacation. Grow up.


Finally, and this may seem like a no-brainer, but *hi* sometimes we forget how to make a la croix vodka, check the weather before you book your trip!  Cabo is not warm year-round and if you go over the winter months, pool side lounging will not be in the cards.  The best time of year to go, in our humble opinions, is April through June. October and November are also slammin.   But do what works best for you. 

In sum, the most important thing to remember is sometimes you gotta treat yo self.  This week we recommend you make that happen in Cabo.  God speed little jack wagons, god speed.