If you are anything like us you know the most important thing in life is being pretty. And lets face it, we can’t look our best without a little (okay a lot) of help from Julia at Eleven Wellness. She works her magic and can literally treat anything. Having breakouts from too many nachos? Check. Passing out in your makeup after a night of 8 glasses of wine? No problem. In between Botox appointments and want something more? Done. Needing a pick-me-up because you were scrolling through your phone and saw your selfies from the night before? She’s got you.

We recommend starting out with the 90-minute custom facial AKA 90 minutes of pure euphoria. Julia starts out by evaluating your face under professional lighting (you know the one, the one you never want to see your own face in) then discusses what your daily skincare routine is and what your problem areas are/what you are looking for. And bippity boppity boo your custom facial is born.

After that, we were in laser treatment heaven. We could literally feel our faces getting tighter and our blemishes disappearing. And the face masks: (insert clapping hands emoji). We can swim them. They are pure magic, gold and heaven, or at least we think they are and that’s all that really matters, right? You’ll want to buy every. single. product. she uses which just means more airline miles for you. Win/win.

Of note, not only does Eleven Wellness, aka the most wonderful face magic establishment ever, offer Dallas’s greatest facials, they also have a plethora of other treatments. IV therapy bar, anyone? How do we secure a standing appointment every Sunday afternoon for the rest of time? No surgical face-lifts? Yea, we’ll take a few years off, please. To sum it up, Eleven Wellness is our Fantasyland and they’re open late.

*Practical pointer*: when you pull up to the address, you may think you are in the wrong place because ta-da it is a less than stunning office building. No need to give your GPS the side-eye though, you’re there. Go to the back of the building and up to the second floor. Follow the signs to the med spa suite and then get ready for some treat-yo-self time.

  • Dining: You’ll be so skinny here.
  • Drinks: The only place where water and tea are okay being the only options.  
  • Dog-Friendly: This is you time.
  • Deals: You’re going to have a fantastic face.