If you live in Dallas and you have the internet, no doubt you’ve heard of the newest hot-spot in Deep Ellum, the Bitter End.  This restaurant has it all: prime patio, hip oyster bar, one million televisions, parking (insert heart face emoji), and one of the best cocktail menus in town.  Bravo, Bitter End, bravo.

Let’s start with the cocktail menu, because *hi* cocktails are life. Whoever concocted and then named these libations has a blatant affection for greatness.  Starting with the Elizabeth Taylor, served in a stunning coup with a slammin garnish, this was one of our favorites both in terms of presentation and flavor. Not too sweet and lots of layers.  Our other favorite was the Selena, best described as vivacious and spicy.  The Hepburn and the Marilyn were also down right delightful.  If you’re an Old Fashion fan, you’ll love The Duke.  The James Dean also had us at first sip.  Really, it’s hard to create a hierarchy when you’re dealing with back to back to back great cocktails.  This is especially true when, like us ,you have zero appreciation for moderation.    Moral of the story: you need these cocktails in your life.  Not only are they crazy good, but they’re also crazy pretty.  Your Instagram will thank you later.

Let’s move on to the food.  Bitter End offers bar bites and oysters aka both major food groups.  You can’t go wrong.  We’ve been known to slam back at least a dozen oysters each and here at the Bitter End you can be super cool and do that too.  The oysters are always fresh and the price is always right.  As for the bar bites, we are hooked on the sliders.  Great presentation and great bite to go with every damn cocktail on the menu.  Other favorites of ours are the chicken sliders, the avocado crema, and the little neck clams.  This kitchen does not mess around.  

Atmosphere?  Did you hear us say patio? Because this patio is everything.  Located on the corner of Malcom X and Elm, the Bitter End is right smack dab in the center of Deep Ellum.  It’s unmissable (so excited that word exists) with its large covered patio and slamming mosaic music man mural.  Say that three times fast.  The patio massive and hands down the best spot on the block for prime Deep Ellum people watching.  Yeah, you get to look cool af at a cool af patio, sippin your cool af cocktails, while judging other people who clearly are not as cool af as you.  Seriously, we love this patio.

Inside, again, tons of seating. This place is huge.  A large center bar anchors the interior, and the side oyster bar is where you’ll want to get all your Instagram shots. Actually, probably over by the giant David Bowie mural.  Or the Pegasus mural.  Ugh, we just love every inch. 

Whoever wanted this place to be popular was not messing around. It hits all the spots. You’ll want to bring your strongest Instagram game when you visit. Now go, little jack wagons, just go.