Fun fact: achète-moi un croissant is the only thing we know how to say in French.  Other fun fact, if you’re looking for a perfect French bistro that will absolutely dazzle your dinner date and/or your brunch babes, we’ve found the spot for you:  Mercat Bistro.  Located in the Harwood district, tucked between a parking garage and an office building, but also next to a gorgeous green mini-park of sorts, Mercat Bitrso is an unexpected and straight up charming little French spot that has become one of our Dallas favorites. 

Literally, every inch of this restaurant is charming.  Split in two by a café light covered walk way, one half the restaurant is a fully enclosed gazebo overlooking a small patio and the expansive green that backs up to this restaurant.  It’s a perfect spot for feeling like you’re dining alfresco when you don’t actually want to dine alfresco (probably because Dallas weather is a cruel mistress who toys with your emotions on the regular).  We also love this gazebo for private events, should you ever find yourself needing to host say 30-50 people for a perfect meal in a perfect atmosphere.  In a phrase, the gazebo is just unavoidably charming. 

The other side of the restaurant is also bistro-style seating that opens up to the kitchen and very small bar.  Of note, Mercat Bistro is definitely better for small intimate dining than slamming back wine or cocktails at the bar.  We’ve done the research on this, for the blog (obvi).  Wherever you sit, however, do get wine.  The staff will give you fire recommendations or just pick anything off the menu- they’re all good.  This is one of those places you want to soak in and the best way to do that is with a deep red in hand.  Duh. 

Moving onto the food, which maybe we should have started with –  whatever, leave us alone – Mercat Bistro is quintessential French.  Think pasties, quiche, crepes, croque madam sandwiches, steak frites, mussels, and duck.  We’ve been here so many times it’s not an exaggeration to say we have tried literally everything on the menu and never been disappointed.  It’s all beautifully presented and beautifully magical in our mouths. 

So whether you’re looking for a perfect yet unexpected brunch spot or a flawless date night out, Mercat Bistro is one of the best place in the city.  Throw on your beret and prepare to be dazzled. 10/10 do recommend.