Saint Ann is one of our favorite go-to’s for brunch. This is mostly because if you’ve ever been somewhere and thought, “man, I wish I could see through the floor like on one of those whale watching boats,” Saint Ann’s has you covered. Disclaimer, the see-through floor just looks at some rocks – not whales. Either way, we love this design feature. It screams “why the fuck not.” We’re told Saint Ann is a renovated old school house, but we don’t think they were terribly committed to keeping that vibe (which is fine with us – we’ve done enough schooling between the two of us). 

But really, everyone we take to Saint Ann LOVES it – it’s a perfect spot to take visiting friends and fam – and it’s easy to see why. The inside is clean, simple, and inviting. There is a huge wooden bar to the right and the dining room is to the left, filled with crisp white linen covered tables. The center of the restaurant has a huge modern stair case that leads to the bathrooms and a samurai artifact museum – The Ann and Gabriel Barbier Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection – because why not.  This museum is actually very cool though and we do recommend. Overall, the inside of Saint Ann reminds us almost of a steak house, but it’s not a steak house. So helpful, we know.

That steakhouse-but-not-a-steak-house decor carries onto the patio which is arguably one of the best patios in Dallas. Apparently, it’s been voted best patio in Dallas several times. Apparently, we would have voted that way too had anyone bothered to ask. With brick pavers at its base, this patio is absolutely huge. What we like most about this patio though is that it is seated fairly far back from the street, so it’s like you’re in a mini oasis in the middle of the Harwood district. A good portion of the patio is also shaded by some trees which pumps up that oasis vibe. We think The Lorax would totally brunch here. He’d probably go with the build your own omelet option and pick egg whites and veggies. We want to be like The Lorax.

In addition to the omelet, our favorite brunch items are all the eggs benedict (classic, salmon, and crab), the French toast, and breakfast flat bread.

We’ve also dined here for dinner and loved the Filet, Grilled Salmon, and Seared Scallops. The Burger is also amazing and Truffle Fries are also a must, because Truffle Fries. Go ahead and order that Truffle Mac ‘N’ Cheese too. Truffle Shuffle your way home to sleep off the food coma.

Bonus tip: Sometimes during the summer they have live music on the patio for brunch. If you are hungover and/or are hoping to talk to the people you came to brunch with, this may not be your spot. The music can be way too loud for brunch, in our not-even-remotely-humble opinions. Fun tip though, if you do stay when there is live music, offer your waiter some cash to get the band to hush down. It won’t work, but we will find it funny.