Met a park, cute as can be.  Accidentally joined a yoga class, crazy for meee/us.  That’s right, this spring/summer we’re lovin’ Klyde Warren Park! Yep, welcome to Dallas, jack wagons.  If you haven’t heard of Klyde Warren Park, you must be new here.  The 5.2-acre deck park is the urban green space built over the recessed Woodall Rodgers Freeway between Pearl and St. Paul streets in downtown Dallas. So, whether you’re new or not, we think this modern marvel is more than worthy of a shout-out.  Also, if you’re not frequenting the park already this year, time to step up your game kiddos. 

From the tree lined pathways to the food trucks, performance pavilion, playground, and more, Klyde Warren Park is literally our favorite park of all time.  That’s right, our childhood swing sets be damned.  Those death traps didn’t come with a fraction of the amenities Klyde Warren Park serves up.    

First on our list, because *hi* we’re gluttons, are the food trucks.  Every day a variety of food trucks serve up delicious food from 11 – 3 pm (and sometimes into the evening), to be available for park patrons.  We’ve dined on everything from gyros to pizza and even ice cream and brunch foods from the variety of trucks that come to visit the park.  Check the park’s website (another feature our childhood parks did not have, ugh) for daily lists of what trucks to expect.  Then toss on your stretchy pants and plan to hit each-and-every one, because *hi* you’re not a quitter.  Also, think of the selfies you can get while posing on the green and yellow bistro tables set caringly beneath the tree and arch lined pathways? You get the idea.

After you’ve fully tested out the elastic in your waist bands, plan to head over to this month’s crazy new install, the Dallas Portal.  Located on the eastern side of the park off of pearl street and across from the pavilion, the Dallas Portal is an immersive audiovisual space (whoa) people can step inside to connect with strangers around the world. Basically, you step inside and come face-to-face with someone somewhere else on earth, live and full-body—as if in the same room. In other words, it creates the feeling of being in the same space as someone in an identical container somewhere else on Earth.  Wild. We know.  Hurry on down to check this out, the Dallas Portal will be in the park until mid-May.

Wrapping this up, because *hi* it’s time to stop reading and get to the park, the rest of the park is an overall a stunning place to soak in a morning or afternoon stroll – with plenty of other activities to discover as well.  We’re talking a playground with massive blocks for fort building, ping pong tables for crushing your opponents, a flower garden, a plaza for moody people (pretty sure we’ve got that right), and a massive pavilion with shows, concerts, and instructor lead yoga classes.  Basically, Klyde Warren Park checks all the boxes.  Make a point to scoot down there soon.