Who wants to get dazzled by décor and charmed to pieces by a high-end Mexican menu?  Everyone, duh.  But really, if you didn’t answer in the affirmative, we have literally no idea how you made it to this blog. Unless we stole your phone on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, and subscribed you while you were distracted, but we digress.  Getting dazzled and having our taste buds titillated it 100% our jam and you need to hop on this gold-plated and velvet-lined bandwagon immediately.  Dress code: little black dress.  First stop: Tulum, Dallas.

Located off of Oak Lawn in one of the fanciest strip malls we’re aware of, Tulum pulls out all the stops.  The first one being non-mandatory valet parking.  Yep, you can actually park your own car here.  It’s wild. You can also have them park your car for you.  It’s Dallas.

Prepping the scene for the gorgeous restaurant you’re about to stroll into, huge wooden panel doors are the opening scene.  Hop right in and you’re immediately greeted by a huge center bar – kinda reminds us of the one in Cheers, but only because of the shape – and this is where you’re going to want to have your happy hours all week every week (this translates to Monday-Friday, 5-7).  In a word, it’s adorable.  Basket lanterns, branch-screened arches, stretched leather chairs, and rich bohemian finishes.  The goal for this restaurant must have been high-end Tulum, and they nailed it.  The atmosphere here makes you want to stay forever and come back often. 

The food equally does not disappoint.  On happy hour they have so many small plates and cocktails, you will have to come two or three times to get through them all.  We did it in one visit *hair toss* but that’s because we’re professionals.  For food at happy hour, we recommend the octopus, beef tartare, and polllo tamal.  For drinks, we recommend 3-5 happy hour margaritas.

If you come here for dinner, which you should, our favorites are all the small plates, the soup verde, the lamb, the scallops, the salmon, and absolutely anything that is that night’s special.  One of us always orders at least one of the specials every time we’re here, usually a fresh caught fish, and they have consistently proven to be excellent choices.  The only thing we hate about this menu is we can’t order  everything on it every time we come.  The food here is that good.

So moral of the story, throw on your cocktail dress and shine your shoes; Tulum, Dallas, is calling you.  You’re going to want to get pretty to eat pretty in this place that is without question, super pretty.