Tis’ the season to be hitting up all the greatest patios in Dallas and so naturally we’ve got to talk about Happiest Hour.  Located in the heart of the Harwood district, if you haven’t put Happiest Hour on your list of places to frequent this season, step it the ef up.  If you’ve taken it off your list because you think it’s *over done* or no longer *the* place to be, we applaud your pretentiousness (that’s kinda our thing) but we also think you’re an ass hat.  Happiest Hour is, as the name suggests, an absolutely perfect place for the happiest of hours. 

First, they have their own dedicated valet.  Yep, no need to scour around looking for parking because HH has you covered with their own stellar team of car jockeys.  *Fun fact* if you accidentally have 8 glasses of rose after work on a Friday, these car-parking angles will happily keep your car safe and sound over night and you can pick it up right up front the next day.  Flawless.

Once you make it past the awe of the valet, Happiest Hour has so many options of where to post up for a drink and some snacks, it can be hard to choose.  First, they have the huge front patio – partly tiled and mostly dirt – which really can be divided up into like a million different areas. There is an outdoor bar, picnic tables, a place for cornhole and whatever other outdoor game they have set up, firepits, and tons of chairs to just relax and live your best life.  Inside, the whole upper and lower levels open up to views of the Dallas skyline.  Downstairs is a large bar and tons of tables for a full-on meal.  Upstairs, there is another bar (we love this place) and another massive patio with plenty of seating for the whole crew.  Or you can stand around. The skyline is your limit.

As for the food, they have an entire bucket of nachos on the menu.  So, naturally, we have never ordered anything else. Like, it’s a WHOLE BUCKET OF NACHOS. We’re not sure what else anyone would ever need ever.  We find one or two buckets pairs well with one or eight glasses of wine.  The rest of the menu (we read) looks like standard American fair.  Given the majesty of the nachos, we’d bet whatever you order will be pretty good. One weird thing though, if you come here for brunch they do not have any non-decaf coffee or tea and the mimosa ‘special’ is not that special.  We legit left once upon learning of this little quirk, but then we came back later for *you guessed it* nachos.  So, brunch here at your own risk.  Lunch, dinner, happy hour, etc. here as soon as possible.