Fun fact: we eat donuts pretty much any time we have the option to eat donuts.  Funner fact: we’re adults and it’s always an option to eat donuts.  Growing-up has finally paid off. Heck yes. So, having sampled a few/several donut shops in and around Dallas, we’ve complied a list of our absolute-favorites donut destinations.  Check out and remember, National Donut Day is tomorrow and the best way to celebrate is to get donuts both today and tomorrow.   

Milk Creme

Warm donuts. Filled with one of 16 flavors of ice cream. Covered in the topping of your choice. Read more here.

Lone Star Donuts

This place is totally off the chain. It looks like an old 70s diner from the outside and then magically smells like popcorn on the inside. Yep that’s right, popcorn. They sell freshly popped popcorn in big circus bags and individual sizes. Don’t be a quitter – go full circus. But that’s not why we’re here.  The center of the display case has the most glorious selection of donuts, cinnamon rolls, and Danishes. We strongly recommend the “pretzels” that are really glazed donuts shaped like pretzels – yes please. Also, we get its donut day, but the cinnamon rolls are legit legendary. As is the pricing. You get a whole 6 Pack for $1.40! Yeah, ONE FOURTY!  Even better, if you go tomorrow, you get a free glazed donut. Free. Glazed. Donut.

Hypnotic Donuts

Hypnotic Donuts is a little donut shop with a couple of locations around the metroplex. Not your normal donut shop, the choices include an array of chicken/biscuit style donuts, as well as unusual specialty donuts. Our favorite hands-down is the apple fritter. It’s just perfection. Other favorites are the bacon banana maple syrup doughnut, the cinnamon rolls, cake donut with peanut butter, and the
‘Vampire Weekend.’ That’s a long-John filled with a cayenne pepper Mexican hot chocolate pastry cream topped with an horchata glaze. It’s a legend.

Donut Palace

This place is a hidden gem for amazing hand-crafted donuts. The staff is always extremely friendly and their donuts are exceptionally fresh.  You cannot go wrong with literally anything on the menu – because *hi* it’s fresh, soft, magical donuts. We just love this place and recommend it to everyone!

Jarams Donuts

If you love artisan donuts, welcome to heaven. Every donut is freaking delicious (as expected) and the artistic detail is perfection. Importantly, if you’re a first-timer, expect to feel a bit overwhelmed and rushed. Jarams knows how to sling donuts and they help 3 groups at a time.  This is great for fast donut acquisition, but it can be difficult to see what’s available without invading people’s personal space. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  What to order?  We love literally everything, but the donuts special to Jarams would be the cronuts (Nutella and PB&J), and the funnel donuts. The latter is like a funnel cake but in donut form. It’s so Texas. It’s so genius.  

Urban Donut

We order donuts from here all the damn time – no shame in our game – but if you are feeling ambitious and want to go store front, parking is in the garage behind the shopping mall and it’s free. Y’all know how important parking is to us, so this is a big deal. Once inside, they have some pretty cute and fancy donuts in their display case – for example, the “Cake Me Up” red velvet (because *hi* red velvet), the “Pegasus Crunch” to get your nutella fix, the maple/bacon donut, and the “Big D” apple fritter, which is a moist, buttery show-stopped. Our faves, however, are the simple classics like the regular chocolate glazed, regular glazed, coconut, and lemon, donuts.  Whatever you order, you can’t go wrong. Oh, and be sure to pick up a dog donut for your favorite pup! 

Inwood Donut

We made a special trip to try this place and we are so glad we did. Even late in the day they had some amazing choices. We grabbed some cake donuts, blueberry turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and a chocolate donut.  We wish we’d gotten more. These are some fine-ass donuts well-worth the stop. The service was so fun and we’ll be back to this small, quaint shop often.

Mustang Donuts

Located right off of the SMU campus, this place is a solid choice for some SMU-style people watching and good classic donuts.  We got some simple old-fashioned donuts here and were not disappointed. Beyond the fact that they were total insta-worthy donuts (everything in this donut shop is), we were so impressed by the flavor and texture. They were warm, melted-in-your-mouth, heaven! Oh, and they deliver!