So just who are the D-List Darlings?

Our names are Kristin and Katie (but wouldn’t it have been cool if they were Delilah and Daria?), and we are half-sisters who think exploring Dallas is pretty rad. If we can bring our dogs with us when we’re exploring, that’s also rad. Add in a screamin’ deal and a killer cocktail menu, we may just move in. Of course we also stay in and drink too much two-buck chuck sometimes/a lot of the time instead. It’s economical and therefore responsible. Really we are just on a never-ending search of ways to entertain ourselves. Whether it’s food, drinks, curing the consequences of all our food and drink choices, and/or trying to look reasonably presentable, we’re in.

Now imagine Dallas had a reality TV show that followed around fun locals on their wild adventures around town. We would be the people who would watch that show. Maybe one of us would work with someone who was friends with someone that went to the same gym as someone on that show. In other words, the D-List is not about fame (or lack thereof), it’s about navigating our lives in Dallas, one classy establishment and/or life choice at a time. Drinking and Dinning. Deals. Dogs. Do’s and Don’ts. Disastrous life choices. Really, any D-themed activities in the Big-D. It’s all on the table. Get your mind out of the gutter, you big knob.

Our passions include: dogs, velour jumpsuits, nachos, stretchy pants, self care/trying to look less like trash bags, themed parties, and really just mostly our dogs. Kristin has a ten year old dachshund, Slinky. Expect to see him often as he is the easiest to transport. Katie has a nine year old unconventionally attractive mutt, Sunshine, and a four year old Akita, Megatron. Hopefully you’ll see a lot of them too, but they’re very secretive about their personal lives, so no promises. We also shamelessly take photos of other peoples pupperinos, so get excited about that.

Finally, yes, we actually are half-sisters (same dad, different moms). Not just drunken besties pretending to be family. Although don’t worry, we will happily pretend to be related to you too.